I’m Douglas McCoy, the author of The World’s First Series of Books Specifically Written for Right and Left Brain Readers.

Doug McCoy is Known as the ReCreation King by many. He has gone through a lot in his life, and for every challenge or problem, he successfully finds a way to get through.

Doug has discovered that there are two ways to learn in life:
• One can learn through experiencing problems themselves
• One can learn from other people’s experiences and save all the time and suffering.

Doug has learned life’s hard lessons firsthand, and has experienced every bit of pain and suffering going through the process. So he has decided to help people by saving them the time, effort, and suffering of going through these life challenges themselves, giving them a heads up to face future with smart decisions. His very special mentor, a psychologist in Los Angeles California, the late Dr. William Tanner, inspired Doug to write the How Cool Series of Books. Dr. Tanner was the founder and head of Tanner Thought Dynamics.

I discovered there are two ways to learn in life: You either learn through experiencing all the problems in life yourself, or learn from other peoples experiences and save all the suffering and pain.

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